Business Communication and Presentation Skills Training

In an information-overloaded world, the ability to communicate business concepts clearly and concisely is one of the most valuable skills an executive can possess.

Whether pitching for business, selling an idea to business partners, presenting at a conference or handling sensitive negotiations in a small meeting environment, mastery of the fundamentals of powerful business communication is a huge advantage.

Coory & Associates' Business Communication and Executive Presentation Skills Training programs are designed for intelligent senior executives who understand the edge exceptional communication can deliver and wish to improve or refine their skills.

Participants will learn simple, proven new techniques for effective, well targeted, presentation preparation and delivery.

Correct use of visual aids, including PowerPoint, and strategies for communicating to cross-cultural and multicultural audiences are covered within all programs.

And because all effective communication is a two-way process, we also provide training in active listening skills, question-and-answer session handling and the fundamentals of negotiation if required.

All Coory & Associates training programs are carefully designed in close consultation with our clients to meet their specific business objectives.

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