Crisis Communications Training & Support

Research into the impact of crises on businesses proves that companies whose management team performs well will reap the benefits long after the crisis subsides.

Likewise, management teams who perform badly will not usually survive and their companies will feel the consequences for many years. Research also reveals that it's the perceived skill of the management team that determines success or failure. This means the key to effective crisis management is two-fold: exceptional business continuity and operational response andfast and clear communication with important stakeholders. Both must be present for success.

Coory & Associates' focus, therefore, is on both your systems and your people.

We offer a range of crisis communication training programs for senior executives to assist them in acquiring the appropriate skills in strategic internal and external crisis communication. and media management, to ensure their crisis performance is at world best-practice standard.

Our programs draw on the latest academic research and case studies from the world's leading universities presented in a practical, user-friendly manner for busy corporate executives.

In addition, we have extensive experience helping leading multinational companies in the development of effective crisis communication manuals, systems and crisis response support.

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