Innovative New Media Production

Because our senior consultants are former senior-level broadcast journalists, editors and presenters, our capability extends to providing high quality audio and visual production for our corporate clients.

Too often the medium becomes the focus of media production and the importance of message and the audience is forgotten.

The Coory & Associates difference is that we understand the message comes first and the technology second. Successful digital and social media engagement is driven by the quality of the content as well as the channels through which that content is delivered.

Likewise, the most high-tech and expensive multimedia, video or audio content is worthless if the stories that need to be delivered to your audiences are not well developed, targeted and clearly communicated with authenticity and credibility.

From development of your key messages, scripting, training of your executive talent, concept development, filming, recording, editing, post-production and delivery, Coory & Associates can oversee and manage the production of your audio-visual communication tools.

With our technical production partners we produce websites, corporate videos, video and audio-only podcasts, webcasts and multimedia presentation materials that support the effective delivery of your business messages to deliver exceptional results.

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