Issues Management Workshops & Systems

Is there something getting in the way of your business?

Successful companies are those that manage the environments in which they operate pro-actively, rather than reactively.

Rather than being a victim of the external environment, they act to ethically influence it as much as possible to help meet their business objectives.

Coory & Associates can help you identify and manage the stakeholder relationships most important to the success of your enterprise in the Asia Pacific region, and deal with the sensitive issues that may impact those relationships.

Pro-active issues management is also an important part of crisis prevention since, as Henry Kissinger once noted, "an issue ignored is a crisis invited."

We can provide Issues Management Workshops to guide your management team through identification of key stakeholders and related issues that may impact upon your business.

We can also assist you in developing and implementing systems that will ensure every issue is managed as successfully as possible through exceptional stakeholder engagement.

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