Media Spokesperson Training

The quality of your executive spokespeople and their ability to seize opportunities and manage risks in media interviews can make or break an entire promotional or issues management campaign.

Coory & Associates regards media spokesperson training as a highly specialized service that can only be facilitated by someone who is both an experienced senior public relations counselor and a highly experienced former senior journalist.

And our extensive commitment to deep research means we have a proven track record in delivering successful training to clients who operate in highly complex industries such as finance, insurance and specific medical, chemical and computing technologies.

Our lead trainers have extensive experience as both journalists and corporate communications professionals, so they understand the media interview from all perspectives.

Further, they understand the specific challenges and opportunities businesses face in the culturally diverse Asia Pacific region.

Our advanced training methodology provides participants with a clear, memorable step-by-step process for managing media interviews.

That's why, of the hundreds of executives media trained by the Coory & Associates team across Asia Pacific since 2005, 100% have rated the program as "very" or "extremely" useful.

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