Message Development Workshops & Support

In order for a message to be effective in this information-overloaded age, it must be simple, clear, tailored to the target audience's needs and delivered repeatedly through many different channels.

Coory & Associates Message Development Workshops help you develop crisp, clear, persuasive messages that will have the effect you want on your target markets and audiences.

These messages can then consistently be used as the basis of your marketing communications materials, media interview content and engagement with key stakeholders.

Our business-focused approach and our understanding of the wider context - how your messages must align with your broader corporate and marketing strategy - ensure much more effective and beneficial results.

Our half-day workshops also bring your executives together, encouraging consensus and clarity across the entire management team.

Whether you are seeking to develop messages to promote or position the entire business, a specific suite of products or services, or to tackle a difficult issue in the media, our systems and processes will be of benefit.

Coory & Associates can also assist with Message Development Support to write or review your messages for marketing, general communication or issues management.

Our support is particularly effective in high-pressure situations such as preparing for media interviews on critical issues at short notice.

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